Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team across the Federation

Our Executive Headteacher is Mrs Pat Mason and she covers both English Martyrs and St Augustine's in Stamford, working one day a week at each school.

email: pmason@englishmartyrs.rutland.sch.uk

The Head of School at English Martyrs is Mrs Alison Chambers. Mrs Chambers is the subject co-ordinator for Early Years and PE.

email: achambers@englishmartyrs.rutland.sch.uk

Middle Leadership Team at English Martyrs

Mrs Cara Topping teaches Year 1 and Year 2 and is the Subject leader for R.E. Mrs Topping is the Phase Leader for Keystage 1

email: ctopping@englishmartyrs.rutland.sch.uk

Mr Jeff Hodgson teaches Year 6 and is the Subject Leader for Literacy and Science. Mr Hodsgon is the Phase Leader for Keystage 2

email: jhodgson@englishmartyrs.rutland.sch.uk

Mrs Catherine Scott teaches Year 5 and is the Subject Leader for Art and DT. Mrs Scott also holds the position of SENDCo across the Federation.

email: cscott@englishmartyrs.rutland.sch.uk

Teaching Staff

Mrs Helen Jones job shares with Mrs Long in the Early Years Foundation Stage. Mrs Jones is the Humanities Subject Leader.

email: hjones@englishmartyrs.rutland.sch.uk

Mrs Long job shares with Mrs Jones in Early Years Foundation Stage

email: klong@englishmartyrs.rutland.sch.uk

Miss Wilkinson teaches a Year 1 & 2 Class

email: hwilkinson@englishmartyrs.rutland.sch.uk

Mrs Waugh job shares with Mrs Scott and teachers Year 6 - she is also the subject co-ordinator for Science.

email: kwaugh@englishmartyrs.rutland.sch.uk

Miss Sian Humphreys teaches Year 3 and 4 and is the Subject Leader for Maths.

email: shumphries@englishmartyrs.rutland.sch.uk

Miss Louise O'Callaghan is our relief cover teacher and is the Subject Leader for ICT.

email: locallaghan@englishmartyrs.rutland.sch.uk

Teaching Support Staff

Support Staff