Year 2

Storytime with Miss Humphreys!

Listen to the next chapter of Oliver and the Seawigs.

Welcome to Year 2

For information on what to expect in year 2 and how you can help at home please follow this link.

Week Commencing

30th March, 2020

Hi Year 2 - I hope you have all had a lovely week. I have received some great work and it's been lovely to see what you have been up to on videos and through pictures or hear about it through recordings. Keep it coming! Don't forget to download the app if you haven't already.

So here's some of the things people have been up to this week:

Alissa has learnt a poem with actions, been busy with maths work and with being a pet detective.

Grace has learned to ride her bike!

Beth has been busy writing stories, letters and making yummy brownies.

Oliver has done lots of maths, reading and writing and even some science experiments.

Mya has been busy learning her times tables, doing lots of maths and writing instructions for games she has played.

Rhys has been writing stories and even completed his spelling test at home.

Seth has been writing and learning poems as well as looking at shadows in a science experiment.

There was also lots of time spent outside enjoying the lovely weather!

So this week you can continue to choose activities from the grids - the link is below. It would be great if you complete the daily maths lesson on White Rose 

Don't forget to do you spelling test on Tuesday and let me know how you get on. Enjoy listening to Oliver and The Seawigs and  watch out for the next installment!

Can you learn this poem this week and send me a video of you performing it? The poem is called Halfway Down and is written by A.A.Milne. I hope you like it! The link to the poem is here.

Choose a story to listen to on this website -

It would also be great if you could make a rainbow to put in your window if you haven't done already so that people can follow the rainbow trail whilst out and about. Remember to send me some photos. Missing you all loads.

Dear Parents,

I have added grids below for the children to choose what activities they would like to complete and this can be done in the books we sent home on Friday. At the top of the grid there is guidance on how may hours the children should be doing over two weeks -some children may like to do more, some children may find this difficult to do so please just take it as guidance. This is going to be a new experience for both yourselves and the children so have fun don't stress if you feel they are not doing as much as they should - play a board game, read a book, go outside and do a science experiment and above all enjoy your time together.

The link to the grids can be found here, there is a grid for each of the core subjects and one for the foundation subjects.  I have also attached a list of helpful websites on which there are clips on how to do some of the maths activities. The websites can be found here.

Joe Wicks is doing a daily PE lesson at 9.00 - what a great way to start your day together!

White Rose Maths have put together a daily maths lesson which consists of a video that you can watch together and then a worksheet for the children to complete. I have included the link for this on the list of websites. This would be excellent for the children to complete each day.

  If you are struggling with anything or just want to chat about what the children are doing please email me


Our key learning this week:

Spellings - The /zh/ Sound Spelt ‘s’


I have attached a wordsearch and handwriting sheet for you to do.

Please practice three times at home 


Year 2 had a great day on Friday, they looked fab in their World Book Day costumes and really enjoyed making their dioramas based on their favourite books.

Beaumanor Victorian Day

The children had a fabulous Victorian Day at Beaumanor Hall. They experienced how hard Victorian life was in schools and for servants. They had to wash, iron and fold clothes and dress the rich children. They also went into a Victorian Classroom where they were taught copperplate writing and maths.

During the afternoon they had a tour around the Manor House and played with Victorian toys. Thank you to all the parents for their superb effort with costumes and Victorian lunches.

Sunny Hunny 

Despite the weather the children in year 1 and 2 had a fantastic day at Hunstanton visiting the Sealife centre and taking part in a beach clean!The children got the chance to touch a real starfish and crab during the rock pool experience and then we had lots of time to explore the Sealife Center. They saw lots of animals including Eddie the turtle, seals, penguins and lots of fish. After lunch we all went down to the beach and looked for rubbish during our beach clean. The children had a fabulous time exploring the beach and finding lots of different things during their clean.

6.11.19 - A surprise parcel!

Year 2 had a surprise parcel waiting in the classroom for them when they came in from break today. We opened up the box and inside was a package, the children thought it could be a teddy, a medal, some hair gel or a chocolate bar amongst other things. We played pass the parcel to discover what was inside. Inside we found a type of fruit and two notes. On the front of the notes was a message to read them. One note explained that the fruit was a papaya and told us some information about papayas, the other note was a story called 'The papaya that spoke'.  We enjoyed tasting the papaya and some of even tried the seeds which we found were edible.

These were some of the reviews of the papaya!

'Yummy' - Jerome

'Yucky' - Deandre

'Delicious' -Beth

'The best fruit ever' - Rhys

'Juicy' - George

We thought the seeds were:

'Yummy' -Mya

'Scrumptious' - Samuel

'Disgusting' -Oliver

'i didn't like it!' -Reuben

Give it Back Afternoon 

The children in year 1 and 2 had a super afternoon giving back to their school environment. The children have been looking at their immediate environment as part of their topic 'The World in Our Hands'. The children have been working to develop ideas linked to how they would like to improve the school.As part of their homework children were asked to produce something which we could add to improve the environment. Children produced a range of items including: bug hotels, bird feeders, decorative stones and plant pots. The children did lots of jobs including cleaning, weeding and sorting to improve our outdoor area. Everyone had a fun-filled time and got stuck in.


During advent 1 and 2 our whole school topic will be linked to our environment around us. We will begin by thinking about our school environment, then our local environment before thinking about the UK and the seas around it. We will be going on a trip to Hunstanton to visit the Sealife Centre and learn about plastic in the sea and ocean. Click here to view our project map for more information. 

Must do at home, please: (reviewed termly)

Please read with your child 3x a week.

Here is a reading book mark where you will find questions you can ask your child whilst they are reading to you.

Practise letter formation at home.

Curly caterpillar letters

Long ladder letters

One armed robot letters

Zig-zag letters

By the end of keystage 1 children are expected to be able to read and spell these words.

Additional ways to support your child/book lists:

Homework Expectations – Year 2

Homework will be set every Friday and should be returned by the following Wednesday. Pupils are expected to complete all set tasks. 

Additionally, children must read and record their reading in their diaries at least three times each week. 

Work in their homework books is expected to be of the same standard as work in school, with neat handwriting, diagrams in pencil and care taken to include appropriate punctuation and good spelling.

House points will be awarded for good work each week.

Reading Advice for Parents

A useful Booklet for parents

Topic Information

The topic overview for year 2 can be found here.

The knowledge organiser for our topic - The World in our Hands - can be found here.

Please help your child to learn the information on the knowledge organiser to reinforce what they will be taught in school.