Year 6

Well done to Daniel V he is our quiz winner! Top effort Mr V

Monday 6th April 2020

Good evening Year 6 - I hope that you are well.  The quiz is coming in a moment!!! Prizes will be delivered tomorrow!

Well done to the 10 parents who have connected with me on Class Dojo - they should all have been emailed with your individual student logins too.  They will take you to your profile where you can leave your work for me to look at - in a secure location where only you, you parents and I can see it.  If your parents haven't yet emailed me - please tell them to do so as soon as is possible. I aim to have the first two weeks work on there by the end of this week.

Here it is - The Monday Quiz

1. Which side of your plate should the fork be placed on if you are right-handed? 

 2. What do we call a sheet of ice that moves very slowly down a mountain?  

3. Which two countries compete in the Ashes? 

4. How many children does the Queen have? 

 5. What is a young wolf called? 

6. Who wrote “To be or not to be, that is the question”? 

 7. What types of creatures live in schools and shoals? 

 8. What is the outside of a cricket ball made from? 

 9. Would you expect to find Eskimos in the north or south pole? 

 10. Who has the most bones, an adult or a young child? 

 11. How many people should be on the field during a football match? 

12. What will the day after tomorrow be if yesterday was Monday? 

 13. What present is given on The Third Day of Christmas according to the song? 

14. Do fish and insects close their eyes to go to sleep? 

 15. What did the Ancient Romans call the carts that were pulled by horses in races? 

 16. How many neck bones does a giraffe have if a human has seven? 

17. What happened in the summer of 1976, it snowed, the Thames dried up or there was a severe earthquake? 

18. Which queen ruled England for 64 years? 

 19. What did Alexander Graham Bell invent that is in almost every home? 

 20. What season is it in America when it is summer in Britain? 

 21. What do the spots on opposite sides of a dice always add up to? 

 22. How many different events must a competitor in the decathlon take part in? 

 23. Are dolphins vegetarians? 

 24. What colour flag should people wave if they wish to stop fighting in a battle? 

 25. Which has ten arms, an octopus, a squid or an ant? 

 26. Which seems to come first, thunder or lightning? 

 27. What kind of creature is a cabbage white? 

 28. Which famous duck was eighty years old in 2014? 

Good luck with the quiz - remember first to email me with the correct answers wins.

Take care year 6, see you soon

Mr H

Hi Year 6, sorry for the late update - I got carried away planning topic work for next term.  We already have 4 children on ClassDojo - remind your parents to send me the email address they want me  to use to invite you and them to join.

Lots of great work coming in today  - I really love reading it and seeing how hard you are working and how well you are doing.

I hope that you and your families have a restful and enjoyable time together - if you have a craving for maths work, the good people at Whiterose maths have created some Easter Fun Activities on this link.

I can also say that there will definitely be a quiz with an edible prize on Monday evening - and I will put up some updates and activities  to keep you entertained during the break.

Best wishes to you all - stay safe and have fun

Mr H

Isaac has been working hard on his German numbers!  Well done Isaac.

This is Dom's wolf poem - I really enjoyed reading it.

Ivan wrote a biography of Paul McCartney - it was amazing.  His recording of Let It Be is even better.  Have a listen!

Click here to listen to Ivan's recording of the song 'Let it Be'

Happy Thursday Year 6!  I hope that you are well.  Lots of good work coming through today - Mason with some superb work on Jane Seymour, Tudor Wives work from Pitcha, and pages of super history from Anna (see picture).  All fantastic to read and look at.   Annabella also sent me some fantastic trampoline work as an alternative to Joe Wicks.  Well done everyone.  

After Easter each days work will be shared through an app called Class Dojo - additional information on how to join will be coming by email in the next few days.  It will also allow us to share work in a closed/private forum and may even allow us to get together virtually as a class - which i think would be great.

Take care of yourselves

Mr H

Hi Year 6 - I hope that you are well. Lots of great work coming through today - well done.  Sydney has sent a superb News report on the crucifixion - it was amazing.

Please keep sending your work - I love reading it.  It is fantastic that you are all working incredibly hard.  Keep it up.  Whilst there is no set work for the Easter holiday there will be a quiz on Monday evening with an edible prize once again.

Take care, be good

Mr H

As well as her school work Gabi has helped to make this amazing cake for her dad's birthday.

Pitcha has sent me her poem - I really enjoyed reading it.  

This is Daniel W's Owl Poem - I really enjoyed reading it.  Great work DW!

This is Isaac's Lion poem - I really enjoyed reading it.

Ivan has sent in this picture of his origami Phoenix to accompany his poem. It is great.

Some recommended web based resources for music can be found here

As I was hoping to teach German as a modern foreign language this term I attach a song here to help you learn the numbers 1-10.  Enjoy!

Lots of fantastic poetry coming through today - I have loved reading it.  This (above)is Daniel V's.

This is Ivan's

 Pheonix, Pheonix flying high, Up above as the town's pass by, Through the clouds and the great blue sky,  Overseeing things beautify. Watching as children age, Some ending up on the stage,  Others appearing on the front page, The majority working at minimum wage. Pheonix, Pheonix intensely bright, Lightening up the darkest of night, At 72degrees Fahrenheit, Hot enough to set London alight.

I have been so impressed by all of the poems that I have seen.  I can't wait to see some more.

This is Mason's poem about Harry the Hyena - it is a great read.

This is Tosia's poem about a wolf - I really enjoyed reading it.

Pitcha has been really busy over the last couple of days and has sent a great deal of English and Maths - however she still has time to help prepare some healthy food.

Thomas has been enjoying the proof reading activities - well done Thomas.  He enjoys the Joe Wicks workouts less!

Isaac sent this picture of him working - great stuff.  Well done Isaac and well done all of you.  It is amazing to see how disciplined and mature you are all being.  I am seeing some superb work.

Thanks to Liam for sharing his superb poem - I loved reading it and the accompanying art work is superb.  Well done Liam.

Continuing the Poetry theme this week here is Night Mail by W H Auden - I would like you to try to learn it off by heart.

Additionally there is a reading comprehension here

Well done to this weeks quiz winner Gabi. Other rapid replies came from Daniel V, Pitcha and Lilly.  Well done to all.

This week's quiz is here...

Remember first one to get all the correct answers to me wins an edible and seasonal prize!

  1. The company which produces the iPod. 

2. A coloured handkerchief worn around the head or neck.

 3. Tiny blood vessels.

 4. A German breed of dog with a long body and short legs.

 5. Background performers in a movie.

 6. Extremely hungry.

 7. Slang name for a live musical performance.

 8. Admiral Nelson's christian name.

 9. A floating mass of ice.

 10. An island country in the Caribbean. 

11. 1000 bytes.

 12. A colourful plant organism that grows on tree trunks.

 13. The closest planet to the sun. 

14. The square root of 81 (√81)

 15. A colourless, tasteless, odourless gas.

 16. The science of matter and energy. 

17. A four-sided polygon. 

18. A system of faith and worship.

 19. A type of electricity produced by friction.

 20. A reference book containing lists of synonyms.

 21. The brother of your father or mother. 

22. A female fox.

 23. An American artist who led the Pop Art movement.

 24. Microsoft's gaming console.

25. A popular search engine. 

26. A branch of Buddhism  

Good luck and get those entries in as quickly as you can.

Two additional SPaG tasks for the week:

Proof reading activity here

Homophones here

For History, I would like you to consider the wives of Henry VIII.  Which was the best queen and why?  To tackle this I have attached some information and a template for top trumps cards which you could use to rate the queens.

Information sheet is here

Top Trumps Template is here

Good afternoon Year 6 I hope that you are well.  I have been really impressed by the work I have seen again.  Ivan - has performed Tyger Tyger superbly, Pitcha has had a fantastic go at the SPaG activities and has educated me with her choice of favourite song and singer - I had heard of neither!  Mason has been busy creating Harry the Hyena - a sculpture to go along with the animal poem that he is currently writing.  Fantastic work all round. 

Week Beginning 29th March

Good morning Year 6, I hope that you have had a great weekend.

English this week is poetry based around The Tyger by William Blake - a poem already on the web page as a poem for you to learn off by heart and perform.  Among the tasks are a reading comprehension, SPaG work on finding the correct word, proof reading, articles and prepositions.

There is also an example of how to write your own version of the Tyger about a different animal and an example - I can't wait to see your poems.

Proof reading activity is here

Articles activity is here

Prepositions activity is here

Find the correct word activity is here

Planning Sheet and example alternative poem is here

The Poem is here

The reading comprehension is here - there are 3 versions - easy, medium and hard all come with answers.  Attempt which ever one feels the most suitable to your ability.

PE - I hope that you are all having a go at PE with Joe Wicks which is available on Youtube at 9.00 each day.  After this time the workouts are available at anytime.  We are trying them everyday at home.

Art - Think about the animal which you have written a poem about - how can you create an image of it?  Paint, sculpture, pencil sketch - be creative and we can display your work on the page.

RE - Good Friday - John 19:16-42.  Write a newspaper report on the death of Jesus.  Include interviews with eyewitnesses.  Describe the beliefs and ideas that they had about this event.


Write a guide to the Good Friday Liturgy for someone who has never been before.  Describe and explain what happens and the meaning and purpose of this Liturgy.

The Happy Assessment Friday arithmetic paper is here

White Rose Maths Problems of the day can be found here

The 5 weekly White Rose Maths lessons for week 2 are available on this site 

Select Year 6 and scroll down the page for week 2.  Each day includes a tuition video, activity and mark scheme.


Science for next week relates to the circulatory system.  Here are some information slides.  Some text is here and the associated reading comprehension is here.

Gabi has also being working hard this week - here is her superb retelling of the raising of Lazarus.

Pitcha has written a fantastic biography of Sir Edward Elgar.

Annabella has been supplementing her school work by baking and creating.  She has made a fantastic fountain using stones - it looks great.

Tosia's Biography of Sir William Walton

Isaac's guide to Holy Week

Good afternoon Year 6, I hope that you are all keeping well and are looking forward to the weekend.  It has been a great morning for me as I have received lots of fantastic work - Liam has shared some of his amazing Tudor work.  Isaac has shared his great guide to Holy Week and Tosia has shared an amazing biography of the composer Sir William Walton.  I have been really impressed by all of the work that you have sent this week Year 6.  It makes me really proud to know just how hard you are working - well done to you all. 

I hope that lots of you have completed Happy Assessment Friday - I know that Sydney was keen to do it this morning.

Daniel V  - was our amazing trivia king today answering both questions and identifying the name and nationality of the 1966 World Cup Final referee - top knowledge!  Well done Daniel.

I hope that you and your families all have a great weekend.

Best Wishes, see you soon Mr H :-)

Poetry Task - The Tyger by William Blake is here.  Can you learn the poem off by heart and then perhaps you could ask a parent to video you performing the poem and ask them to email the video to me. I will happily share them on the webpage. Enjoy learning the poem.

Trivia Question of the Day (1a)

England won the football World Cup in 1966 - can you tell me who they beat and who scored the goals?  I will offer a bonus point to anyone who can tell me the name and nationality of the referee.

Remember, no prizes on offer - however I think a prize quiz will be coming on Monday... 

Trivia Question of the Day (1)

London has been awarded the honour of being host city for the Modern Olympic Games 4 times.  Can you tell me when?

On one of those occasions they couldn't hold the games.  When and why?

No prize on offer but hopefully it will get you thinking

Hello Year 6 hope that the week is going well.  I have had a great week - it was especially nice to catch up with Annabelle and Julian in school today.  It is also great to see and hear how hard you are working at home.  Pitcha's dad sent me some fantastic work that she has completed as has Daniel W's mum. I  have also seen work from Ivan, Gabi, Sydney.  Mason has also sent me some work and his mum kindly sent me a picture of him working hard - well done Mason and indeed well done Year 6 - keep working hard and feel free to share pictures and work with me.  I will put it up on the webpage for everyone to see.

Remember, I don't expect you to complete every task.  Keep working and make sure you have some nice family time.  I hope that we can be all back together in school before too long :-) Mr H

RE Task 2- Read John 11:1-43 The raising of Lazarus.  Find an image on line of this event - try your best to sketch the image.  Then write a piece of text which explains what is happening in the picture and the significance. 

You can be as creative as you would like with this task.

As the quiz was well received - I thought I would try a trivia question of the day.

No prize to offer but might get you thinking.

Today's question - how many noses does a slug have? 

Daniel W has sent his dilemma story over to me.  It is a fantastic read - he uses some superb vocabulary.  It is here in three pictures for you to read - I look forward to seeing some other work that we can share.

Well done Daniel.

Good afternoon Year 6, I hope that you are well and are safely enjoying the sunshine at home.  

Our quiz was won by Sydney who was lightning quick with her answers.  Well done also to Daniel W, Gabi and Ivan who all supplied the correct answers.

Look out for another quiz very soon!

For those of you who are missing Happy Assessment Friday (I know I am) I attach an arithmetic paper here.  Explain how you solve the problems to your parents - they will be amazed by your superb arithmetic skills.

Hello Year 6, I hope that you and your families are well and that you are managing to do some work as well as spend some quality time with your families.

I have some more tasks for you to consider and I am also going to set a 10 question General Knowledge Quiz which has a seasonal, edible prize for the first person to email me with the correct answers.

History first - I would like you to compare the families, roles and lives of Queen Elizabeth II and Henry VIII.  What are the similarities and differences?  In your opinion which of the monarchs has/had the hardest task in ruling and why? Remember to offer reasons for your arguments.

SPaG - I have uploaded a PowerPoint and activity on the subjunctive form here and here

Music - What is your favourite song/piece of music?  What genre is it?  How wrote it, performed it etc. What instruments are used in the song?  Most importantly, why do you like it?  Can you convince me to like the song?

Science - I have uploaded 3 animals including humans crosswords as a starter for our new topic here.  The third one is hard!

Maths - A worksheet on converting fractions to percentages is here.

Now for the Quiz - it is easy (honestly!)

1.In which sport, other than skiing is there a piste?

2. Which is larger - the Isle of Wight or Anglesey?

3. Which of the following will not dissolve in water, salt, sugar or sand?

4. Which river cuts through the Grand Canyon?

5.  Titanic was launched in which city?

6. If a creature is succivorous what does it feed on?

7. The word "Ketchup" comes from which language?

8. In Britain, which is the only venomous snake?

9. In the Herman Melville novel, what type of creature was Moby Dick?

10. Which dinosaur is named after the Ancient Greek for "3 horned face"?

First person to email the correct answers to wins the eggciting and edible prize!

Please keep working and stay in touch, feel to send pictures of any work that you would like me to share on the webpage to the email address above.

Stay safe Year 6, see you soon, Mr H. :-)

A series of 5 daily maths lessons for this week are available  here including explanation video and an activity for each lesson.

W/B 23.3.2020

English:Complete writing our dilemma story about shoplifting

SPaG work is here

Maths work is here and here

For music - I would like the children to consider a British composer - Elgar, Vaughan Williams, Britten, Holst, Arnold etc research the composer and produce a biography which includes highlights of their career.

RE - Produce a guide for a younger child to the events of Holy week - what happens, why are the events significant?

History - Was the Tudor period good for Britain?  What was positive?  What was not?  Overall looking at evidence what is your opinion of this period in time? Answer in a paragraph using evidence from what you have found out in our lessons.

Information about the Tudor Period can be found here

Books for working in will come home tomorrow - if you need any help at all then just email:

I will email you straight back.

World E Books online reading materials are available here lots and lots of free books to read.

Year 6 End of Year Expectations for Reading, Writing and Maths can be found here.

The Anglo-Saxons Project Map can be found here:

The Lent 2 Term Knowledge Organizer can be found here:

A guide to helping your child develop as a reader can be found here:

Week Commencing:

22nd March 2020

Spellings for Lent 2

Spellings for test 9th March 2020

Dependable, comfortable,understandable, reasonable, enjoyable, reliable, possible, horrible, terrible, visible, incredible

Spellings for test 16th March 2020

Referring, referred, referral, preferring, preferred, transferring, transferred, reference, referee, preference, transference

Spellings for test 23rd March 2020

Cough, tough, although, dough, through, thorough, borough, plough

Spellings for test 30th March 2020

ought, bought, thought, nought, brought, fought, rough, tough, enough


13th-15th July 2020 - Year 6 residential to the Briars, Crich.

Our key learning this week:

English - A story with an issue or dilemma.

Grammar revision, formality of writing

Maths - 

Four operations revision

Topic - Was Henry VIII a good king?

PE - Cricket and Tag Rugby - Monday PM and Thursday PM.


Spelling tests will take place each Monday.

Please read 3 times each week - as a minimum and record this in your reading diary marked with a capital letter H in a circle so that home reading is clearly identifiable.

Must do at home, please: (reviewed termly)

Year 5 and 6 Spelling list which from which the weekly Year 5 and 6 spellings are taken.

Additional ways to support your child/book lists:

Year 6 reading list:

Can be found here:

Homework Expectations – Year 6 Homework will be set every Wednesday and should be returned by the following Wednesday. Pupils are expected to complete every set task. Generally, homework will be one piece of written work or a worksheet and a set of spellings to learn.

 Additionally, children must read and record their reading in their diaries at least three times each week. Updates on what we have been doing can be found on the 6 page of the English Martyrs Website:  Work in books is expected to be of the same standard as work in school, with neat handwriting, diagrams in pencil and care take to include appropriate punctuation and good spelling. 

 House points will be awarded for good work each week.

Our learning of I'm a Believer is going well.  We can't wait to perform!

Year 6 have begun their Ukulele sessions with Mr Joyce - they sounded amazing.

Well done to the Year 5 and 6 Football teams who played on Tuesday.  They were awesome.  The Osprey team won one, drew one and lost one whilst the 7-a-side team lost their first game before beating Hallaton 2-1.  We have another set of fixtures to play next week.

Well done to the football teams who played again tonight.   The 7-a-side team thrashed North Luffenham 7-0.  The Ospreys won one and lost 2 leaving them as runners up in their league.  A fantastic performance.  The children once again were amazing.  Thanks to all of the parents who assisted with transport and looking after the teams.

Year 6 were extremely lucky to be visited by Alex Hamilton and Eddie Turvey from the BBC East Midlands Weather team.  They talked to us about weather forecasting and even let us have a go at presenting our own forecast.

Year 6 visited the Warning Zone on Thursday where we explored a number of scenarios in the real world - looking at how to remain safe.  We also looked at internet safety.  It was great fun with a really important message.

Well done to the two teams from KS2 who played football at Oakham CE on Friday.  We were outstanding - the girls sadly lost their game whilst the boys who initially went 2 goals down came back to win by 4 goals to 2.

Well done to all involved.

We took part in a mass rehearsal for Pied Piper - The Rutland in Concert production on Monday.  It sounded amazing!  We cannot wait to take part in the actual performance at De Montfort Hall on Tuesday 15th October.  It will be incredible.

The team from the Briars delivered a session on the qualities needed to be a good disciple of Jesus - it was really great.

We have been given Matthew to be our class disciple.  We are really pleased with the picture that Year 1 have made for us.

Well done to the Girls football teams who played on Tuesday - you were amazing.  Well done Gabi for scoring 4 goals and well done to everyone involved.

We had an experience day at Oakham School - it was awesome.  We carried out experiments in Chemistry, used our detective skills in archaeology and then had a languages carousel.  All of that and a wonderful lunch.  It was a great day!

Year 6 had an amazing time taking part in the Rutland in Concert performance at the De Montfort Hall in Leicester.  It was an amazing experience.

Well done to the KS2 Table Tennis teams who played at USSC on Tuesday.  They were amazing and came 6th in their repective leagues.  Well done.

We had an amazing visit to Magna - it was so much fun!

Well done to the Sports Hall Athletics team who competed on Thursday.  The children were amazing and we came fourth - which means we can compete in the County finals.

We delivered a lovely, reflective Remembrance Liturgy - The children did a fantastic job.

We were invited to an outdoor learning event at Rutland Showground, it was great fun.  We met the Duke of Gloucester and even got interviewed for Rutland Radio.

 The Year 5 and 6 Basketball team were in action on Thursday at Uppingham School in a qualification event for the County competition. They had six games to play and need to finish in the top three place to qualify. The children were incredible, they gave 100% throughout and were very successful beating teams from Cottesmore, Uppingham CE, Ketton and Hallaton and only losing out to Ketton 1 and Hallaton 2 by the smallest of margins. Overall we qualified in second place and looked incredibly strong. Thanks to all of the children and to Mrs Keany and Miss Wilkinson for helping me with transport to and from the event.

Well done to the Maths Challenge team who took part in the UKMT Team Challenge on Monday.  We narrowly lost out to Hereward the Wake School in Ely.  Fingers crossed for a win next week!

Well done to the cycling team who were in action on Friday.  The children were superb - they won the competition.

Well done to the Cross-Country team of Isaac, Daniel W and Thomas who competed at UCC on Saturday 30th November.  The boys ran fantastically and finished in 5th, 8th and 10th places respectively.

We were lucky enough to hear the Author Frank Cottrell-Boyce speak at Oakham School.  He was inspirational.

Well done to the cross-country runners from KS2 who have been in action at UCC over the previous two Saturdays.  You were all incredible.  The Year 6 boys team had a 3rd, a 5th and a 10th place.

well done to the Basketball team who played in County Finals today - they lost one game, won 2 and drew 1.  Overall we were 4th out of 23 competing schools - a great achievement.

We had a great day constructing our buildings as a finale to architecture day.  It was fantastic fun!

We learned about the General Election on Thursday.  Our house captains campaigned for a party and we even held a vote.  The Liberal Democrats won our election.  It was great fun with a really important message.

We had a great day at the Richard III visitor centre in Leicester.  We found out about the War of the Roses, Richard's life and the Princes in the Tower.  We then visited the tomb of Richard and spent the afternoon extracting DNA from a banana.

Well done to the Boccia teams who played on Thursday.  Team 1 won 2 games out of 2 whilst team 2 drew one game and lost one.  Well done to everyone.

During Healthy Living Day we made healthy vegetable muffins, learned Mindfulness techniques and met team GB athlete Laura Samuel.  It was an amazing day.

Well done to the 10 children from KS2 who took Part in the Stamford Bridge Club Regional Mini Bridge Championship on Sunday.  It was a great event with EM pairs taking up all of the top 4 places.

We were visited by Vish from Leicestershire County Cricket Club, he is going to deliver Cricket coaching to us.  Today he did cricket related maths - it was great fun!

We worked with the RCC Youth Team from Joules House on Thursday - we looked at respectful friendships and relationships.  It was a fun afternoon with a serious message.

Well done to the Year 6 members of the Kurling team who competed at Langham on Thursday.  They played Langham and Catmose Primary beating both teams.

As part of our DT work we designed, constructed and evaluated models of Saxon long ships.

As part of World Book Week we had a story telling workshop from Rachel and Ruffles the Dog.  It was great fun.

We are lucky to have  two students from Catmose come in to help us design and make Anglo-Saxon shields - it is great fun.

Well done to Daniel and Isaac who were joint winners at the EBO Youth Mini Bridge Challenge at Loughborough Grammar School on Saturday.

Well done to the Maths Challenge team of Daniel, Daniel, Ivan and Lilly who competed at Kings in Peterborough on Thursday.  They were the only primary school involved - the other 18 schools being secondaries from both the state and independent sector.  We did really well and came 9th - a massive achievement.

Well done to the Dodgeball team who competed in the Rutland Competition on Thursday - you were fantastic